Colibri A/D Converter


CADC board with Colibri PXA320IT module attached.

























The board CADC is a universal carrier a Toradex Colibri module (series PXA, T20) that allows its operation without any additional supporting hardware as a data acquisition unit. On CADC Colibri becomes a network computer with a 12 bit 2 x 12 channel (single ended) analog to digital converter. The CADC board also contains a power supply and Ethernet magnetics, thus in a combination with Colibri it is an independent data acquisition computer with significant storage space (micro SD card) available on an Ethernet network.

The CADC board provides:

  • Two 12 channel single ended analog to digital converters with 12 bit resolution (2 x ADuC7026)
  • Very efficient power supply for the Colibri and for its own operation (allows 4 to 17 VDC input voltage, total power consumption in operation is under 1.6 W typically)
  • Digital to analog video signal VGA converter (6 bit)
  • Micro SD card holder
  • Connection to a service board
  • Ethernet magnetic module - allows Colibri to operate with common network devices
  • All in a very small package - length: 76 mm x width: 48 mm x height: 10 mm, and weight only 34 grams (including installed Colibri module)

For more information refer to the data sheet.

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CADC board and Colibri PXA320IT module.